Thursday, June 17, 2010

losing focus

of late, when i first sit down, i have been really unfocused and losing lots in the first few hands.
no change there tonight, and i concentrated enough to grind lots back.

gave about $1k to two different people. one is a massive moron, the other a massive nit, and i played badly against them all night. luckily enough people were donating that i finished up a little for the day.

been getting lots of headaches when playing recently. a combination of tired hungry and thirsty doesn't help. i really should eat drink and sleep properly. i also find my monitor way too bright now, and been trying to turn it down but it still seems to bright....

in other news, my flat hunting took me to gumtree and i found an ad that sounded too good to be true. awesome area, 80% of general market rate, but i still emailed the guy. and his response was, well, judge for yourselves (some street names changed for no good reason)

Subject: Re: Reply to your ad: GOOD LOCATION   -- -- --  NO EXTRA FEE - -- -- FULLY FURNISHED ONE BEDROOM FLAT

Thanks for your mail. I am a very young comfortable professional,26 who works in a recording company as a studio manager.I would like to rent out a double bedroom Garden Flat with Broad Band Internet to a very easy going person at 700 per month including all bills.available now for you to occupy.not shared apartment..My apartment is very comfortable fully furnished flat of brand duplex flat.Located in quiet residential area {
XXXXX} B street is located between area A and Abc Avenue and is therefore well placed for tube station (Jubilee Line) underground station and the shopping and restaurant facilities of Finchley fully furnished with digital home cinema, hi-fi system, VCR, DVD player, phone, fax, computer, cable/satellite, internet access, wardrobe, cupboard, Hanging wardrobe, safe deposit box, radio alarm clock, hair dryer, fully air-conditioned, central heating, intruder alarm, fire
alarm and more. Large fully equipped kitchen, 2 toilets and unlimited wireless internet.
I don't want any problem for myself.., i need to know the person that will occupy my apartment that is, the person that will take care of my apartment like theirs because am letting the flat out because am presently in Manchester working. It is not compulsory that i rent out the flat but if i can get a reliable and tidy person that will take care of my flat for me i can let it i need to know them better i.e what you and your partner do for a living.

Rent Includes

Water Charge
Council Tax

Waiting to read from you.

 Well, that's a nigerian sounding email. and yes, they did start and email with 'ello' and end it with, waiting to read from you!
i thought i'd probe further with an email:


Thanks for the reply.

As you probably guessed from my email address i'm a student at the moment, just finishing and will be writing my work up over the next few months.

Looking for somewhere at the moment to be able to concentrate on my work and yours stood out - seems almost too good to be true! If you're around sometime in the next few days it would be good to see the place and meet you as i'm sure you'd want to meet any potential tenants too.

Also would be good to know if there is the potential to get a parking permit for the streets around there?

Look forward to hearing from you,

well, then came a pretty quick reply:


Thanks for the reply.I would love to meet you, get to know you and show you round the flat so that you can see what you are renting but I have been having problems with time wasters who could not keep to there end of deal.Its really time wasting because i am a very busy person and do not really have much time to waste. To me, every seconds count.because i am presently  in the studio doing some live recording and icant make or receive calls due to the nature of my job,but have my Laptop here to reply to emails.viewing will not be a problem, Anytime during the week in the evening would be a good date for our meeting.
The rent is still very Low considering the current economic climate in London..

Can you please answer the following questions?
-Are you really serious about the renting the flat?
 How many are you to occupy the Flat?.
-If you love the flat when you see it, will you make the payment to hold it against your move in?

why I am asking these questions is basically because of my experience with my last tenant. Morgan moved into my flat in JUNE:2008,on commencing the tenancy, he paid a total sum of £537.50 in rent hoping that he would pay up the balance  unknowingly  he provided a fraudulent employers reference to convince me of having a stable job!
Although i served him with Section 8 and Section 21 Notices and obtained a Court Order for possession of the property, he was reluctant to move out or pay any of the rent arrears.County Court bailiffs got him evicted and his total debt to date is £1,263. (Quite much).
 I will prepare all the necessary documentations i:e Contract Form:which we will both sign after being satisfied with the flat.
Payment will be made after signing the contracts and keys will be handed over to you once contract is made.
Please,understand that i am NOT asking you to pay me BEFORE you view the flat.The neighborhood is safe and i guess you have heard much about this area?it is a safe, clean area.

-Your rent begins on your move in date..
-Viewing is never  a problem.
-Proof of ownership and Documentation will be shown upon viewings.
-There is no minimum or maximum stay.
- Rent include Council Tax,electricity,gas,internet, e.t.c
-Its 700pcm and 700 refundable deposit.

Kindly get back to me about an idea on what we can do so that we can arrange a meeting for viewing.

Thanks while hoping to read from you.

Well, the thing that sealed it (95% scam surely?!) was that the subject line of the email changed. no real person does that surely?
also he referred to our meeting as a date. that scared me.


Yakshi said...

If you meet this guy, bring a hammer. You might have to use it. And don't drink anything he serves you.

Mudwig said...

i haven't even replied yet! though i drove past where his alleged house is today. such a nice area. shame the postcode doesn't quite match the address.

i think i will find a way to let him down gently. like i'm leaving the country for the sunnier climate of 'hunting ms portman'

Mr Origami said...

Definite scam...why not just have more fun with him? Send him a list of ridiculous questions you require landlords to answer or something?

Mudwig said...

i almost sent him an email asking a few things eg
why does the post code not match the address?
how, if you are in Manchester, is every night a good night to show me round?
what was the situation with parking permits?
how is it possible that there is no minimum or maximum stay?
why you're telling me about a previous tenant?
why your english is quite poor (are from nigeria?)
why you changed the subject title of the email?
why the listing was taken down very shortly after bring put up?
etc etc
decided in the end i couldn't be bothered to waste my time with him. maybe when i'm bored one day i'll set up a fake email address and get in touch with him

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