Friday, June 25, 2010

i forgot the point of my entire last post was simply to say i once again went to sleep with the birds singing

birds singing is usually nice unless you want to get to sleep. or just want to enjoy some peace and quiet. and for beauty purposes, the noises that pigeons make it not beautiful. they are the vuvuzela's of the poultry singing world.

anyways, i was roped into playing some live poker last night. a 25 runner satellite for some comp in europe i'd never heard of where winner could choose either bulgarian coast or barcelona for a poker tournament.
i decided to go because i was very hot sitting in my shorts and the great danes had been not so great in losing to a japan team of very nippy players. it seems that they must have a reputation for nippiness cos we recently played a team of japaneses at 5 a side and they battered us using nippiness as their greatest strength.

but i digress. i ran like a beginner (very well) and found myself on the final table. here is where it got interesting since as usual i don't call (unbeginner like) but prefer bet/raise.
so when i 3bet the same guy twice in one orbit his eyes looked ready to pop, in a very threatening manner which i knew would be aimed at me. so to clarify, i got the feeling he wanted his eyes to pop out his head just so he could have something to hit me with.
i don't know why people get so angry with me when i play. the only two things i don't do that they do is
1)dont show my cards at the end of a hand
2)don't call incessantly
in fact i saw one person, with a 5 big blind stack, sitting in the big blind, call a raise to 3 big blinds pre flop and then check fold the flop. brilliant.

so the dude who hated me folded both times and both times i wanted him to call. the irony of his hate filled looks when making what were good folds didn't escape me.

anyway, long and boring story short i got heads up with a 2-1 chip lead, made a deal to give 10% of person who went to runner up along with some cash. it was already close to 2am at this point and whilst i didn't really wanna deal i was happy to have done so as i played like a retard heads up and lost.

this post has begun to bore even me. i'm in a massive hole for the month still and am hoping to play 10k hands more before the end of the month to see if i can dig my way out. which always reminds me of Chief Wiggum's advice when in this spot, "No, dig up, stupid"

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