Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i've run out of words

3625 words done and i need to reach 5000 by 7 o'clock tonight when i will be going out to watch the football. please let barca win

at this moment in time i have literally run out of words that can be added to the steaming pile of mess i have already unleashed upon my laptop's hard drive and screen. i decided to take a break and watch an episode of house. it was thoroughly enjoyable, especially as i forgot completely about the remaining words i have to write.

i don't know why but this reminds me of the time i was in a club with a girl who would definitely be in the top three of girls who i have touched. i gave her my number and she never called but i didn't really care. that reminds me of times i have given people fake numbers.
i once went to a showhouse flat place and told them my name was shaun round, the woman working said "rand? r-a-n-d?" and i said, "yes". my friend with me suppressed her laughter. i later gave her a fake mobile number and took her number.
we then went to another showroom flat thingy that day, when they asked for my number i gave them the first lady's mobile number (not the president's wife, the other lady from my story!) and told her it was my pa's number. i really would have liked to hear their conversation about the flat that was visited. i imagined it starting along the lines of
"hi, i'm calling regarding shaun rand's visit to the flat"
"oh yes, i'm glad you called. so, what do you think?"

obviously all these fake numbers have a serious affect on the people who's fake numbers are given out. it's probably a long shot to get a number that actually works but one day, i was in the airport with a couple of friends, about to go away and i got a slightly suggestive text

"so, how was last night for you?"
i probably replied, it was great...
a few texts later and i realise it's some dude who was given a fake number by a bird. i felt dirty.

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