Tuesday, June 02, 2009

laugh in the faces of spiders

good name for a band i think.

also a true story. in the past 24 hours i have twice been attacked by these eight legged creatures (that might as well be coloured in red black and white)

the first went into my shoe. obviously i wasn't wearing it (the shoe or the spider) at the time. this is one of my biggest fears. having a venomous spider hiding in your shoe, waiting for you to put your foot in so it can bite you. luckily i saw it, and it wasnt venemous, and it's also no longer any sort of threat to humanity.

the second spider attacked me whilst i was in a park, sitting on a bench. i fought back as it crawled along my shoulder by brushing it off in a manner that i can only describe as very manly. the spider however, left some chocolate stains on my t shirt. on both sleeves. my friend using house-like powers of deduction said it was probably the ice cream sandwich that was the cause of the chocolate stains. i agreed because even if it wasn't true, i would much rather believe his story than any other alternative.

todays thought is that it must be annoying to drive a police car without the sirens on. the driver in front of you is almost always scared to do more than the speed limit plus a little bit, so you end up driving slowly everywhere. and being forced to drive slowly is one of the greatest punishments known to mankind.

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