Monday, May 18, 2009


i was eating some cereal this morning, missing the sunshine of my holiday of the past week.

as everyone knows, the only thing that can be done when eating cereal, is to read the cereal box. today mine said, "we only want you to buy kellogs"

right above this they have a special offer stating "get your free box of kellogs"

i forgot about my dismal performance at that recent live tournament. i finished 14th or so of 33. its a crapshoot around that stage, but what was brilliant was how angry my opponents got. i never limp when i'm playing under 8bbs, so when i got short (~6bbs) and the blinds were big i shoved 3 hands in a row never getting called and almost doubling my stack. and my now ~11bbs were above average. this standard play infuriated 2 of my opponents who were friends. i played a few more hands inc raising a limper (one of said friends) who then folded on the flop. at that point he got really angry and looked at me saying "next time i will raise you all in"

not longer later and i've lost a few chips and he limps again. so i see my first card is an ace and raise all in again. he thinks and calls (has me just covered) with JJ which holds and says really aggressively "i told you i was gonna raise you".
i decide not to point out that he didn't raise me in that hand at any point as i think his head might have popped from rage.

he went out shortly after and i surprised myself but not caring/taking any satisfaction from that.

need to start winning some monies from poker again, might even get someone to watch me play and point out the many things i am doing badly.

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