Monday, May 11, 2009

hold me back

i've consciously made myself aware of the thing that has been holding me back in the pokers recently.
wanting to prove to myself and everyone else at the table that i am better than them. this is in general a terrible human trait and i will work on ridding myself of this. i never used to have this, but i think it has definitely surfaced this year in my life in general, and on the tables.

i do think it's great how much i can learn about myself from poker, what would otherwise take many many moons to learn.

i am writing this down and will also write this down and staple it to my monitor to remind myself of this. especially after dropping $3.5k at 1/2 at the weekend.

i'm going away for a week and next week will hopefully have some improved results. i would ordinarily say getting back into profit for the month will be good, but anything less than $5k will be a failure imo

anyway, it could always be worse, i could own a BMW

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