Monday, May 04, 2009

takeaway failure

deciding where to eat tonight, my friend and i settled on my local chinese. the food there is amazing if pricey; it's slightly cheaper if you get a takeaway, which we fancied doing. we called them up to order and their reply was.....sorry, we're too busy tonight. this left me bemused.

on the poker front, this month hasn't been great. i've already played 7k hands, though that was due to a 5hour session last night (this morning really). was up $1200 early, then down to $400. thought i'll play a little and win it back. few mins later and i'm $1200 down. oops. ended $600 when i was too tired to keep my eyes open let alone click on the wrong button for the umpteenth time.

two short sessions this evening, first one winning $700, second winning $850 and am $950 up for the month. 3000vpp's from stars who are doing an offer for uk players this month of vpp bonus. i'll get the maximum which is 80k vpp (no fpp's come with them sadly) but it means i should reach 200k vpp's at the end of the year and with that comes $2k. which will be nice.

pretty disciplined this month, though i do still go on tilt when i lose to the table mong 2 buy ins in quick succession. i often remedy this by dropping a third. usually to him/her/it. i think i need a new remedy

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