Monday, May 25, 2009

another restaurant

this time however no tales of despair. though a couple of things did strike me.

1) all chairs should be comfortable. this may require the addition of a cushion. the chair i sat on yesterday was incredibly uncomfortable, the type that dug into the outside of your legs. i can only imagine how much worse it would have been were i fat.
2)more fundamentally than this, how/why do painfully uncomfortable chairs get made to begin with. does no one sit on the prototype and say, "no. this is awful. do not build."

maybe they are trying to get rid of people quicker and increase their turnover? though there is one coffee shop near me that i avoid due to their bad chairs. so their evil plan has backfired. though i often see people in there, maybe they're all first time customers.

not much else to say. trying to think of ways to avoid writing 6500 words. eating ice cream is my favourite method for avoiding things i don't like. i have till thursday afternoon and haven't yet started. worse still, is these words can't be a random collection, nor can they be words i have invented. instead, they have to form a coherent report of sorts. this is gonna be much tougher than any of those unrealistic playing x number of hands of poker in a week challenges.

so whilst i put off commencing this, have a mosey on down this page to this beautiful photo i recently took. i'm pretty sure there's some irony in there somewhere.

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