Tuesday, February 24, 2009


i have lots of them at the moment

firstly, new linked blog. internetpoker from cardrunners. some good ideas in there.

secondly, things that annoy me:
1)noisy eaters. no need for this
2)drivers. i have before mentioned how drivers are like poker players. not just in the obvious way of everyone thinks their good at it. more how bad people most people are at it. how middle lane drivers are the multitabling autopilot nits who don't really understand what they are doing. also how, to quote rounders, woman are the rake. although petrol is probably more rake like. i had other thoughts whilst driving but have forgotten them. mostly due to an incident of when i returned home. there was someone who had parked their mini in a space just about big enough for three mini's (2 normal sized cars). however, they had chosen to park in the middle of the space!
see diagram (comments on its photo-like accuracy are welcomed)

this annoyed me very much. i had to park very very far away.

anyways, that's pretty much all that annoys me.

in other news, i recently remember i was supposed to be getting fat but have failed a that as badly as in my quest to win monies from poker. more disappointingly i failed in my attempts to do some weights 5 times a week. i stopped for about 2 weeks, but started again this week. all that ever happens though is i get a bit hungrier and my muscles hurt. and i wonder why i stop.

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