Sunday, February 01, 2009

i think i overreacted

slightly in my last post. in that live comp i did finish in 2nd. i made one mistake all night which happened to be headsup. the thing that destroyed me was the person i lost to is possibly king of the tards. when he plays cash he essentially shortstacks terribly and hits and runs. and his mate was also a loud mouthed horrible individual.
when the headsup started he asked if i wanted to split. i politely declined. he asked again. i informed him of my chip lead and his mate goes, "you only got ten fousand more mate." i'm not your mate i thought, and replied i have 150k, he has 100k.
anyways, i think after losing to him im too embarrassed to ever play there again.

onto more happy things, and online has been alright since my tilting stopped. been playing pretty good and winning some buyins from the middle of the month. last month, after being over 4k down at one point my ev adjusted amount was about +800 though real amount was about -800.

tilt count for last month was: 3 (two plus two halves)

and today i hit the deck pretty hard. loads of decent spots, everything seemed pretty easy and made over $1500 in 700 hands.

i did forget about the 2 supernova freerolls yesterday but i never do well in them anyway. also now have enough points to claim a $4k bonus, which will take 3 months to earn! in about 7-8 months if i stay on stars ill have enough points for another.

this is the stars equivalent of rakeback but i worked out its only about 20% once you're already supernova. if i get to 400k vpp per year (at 1/2 and 2/4 anyway) then it gets good. (i think at higher stakes it might work out better but i have no idea of what my rake to points ratio will be).

also plan to play football tomorrow night, but apparently (according to the weatherpeople) snow will be arriving due to a "blast of bitterly cold air from Russia."

Some articles even referred to it as russian snow. i wonder if we can send it back


Bruce said...

If you sign up for a FT account you should tell me so i can refer you through TITN and get good deals.

Mudwig said...

i just edited my last sentence.

i use RTR for my rakeback. they are pretty good. FT are one of the few i dont have yet. never heard of titn though?

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