Saturday, February 07, 2009


i have a few things to say but may forget some by the time i finish

i went out the other night with a few friends to a local bar of theirs. last time they were there, a bar lady (great body and average face) asked if one of my friends wanted his change. obv he says yes. she gives it back and its like 30p. he points her out to me but doesnt reckon she would remember the incident.

i find it strange that she expects people to leave tips when you go to the bar, queue up, and then pay a high amount for some drinks. this happened to me once in california (the oc no less). i got a round of drinks and he gave me my $7 change in $1 bills which i thought was weird. as i begin to leave with my drinks he shouts at me "don't you people in england tip!?" i reply, "not when we go to the bar." i then realised his $1 bill hint, and that he had expected at least $3 of tips! we left after that round. and slept in our car that night.

i could understand if they serve you at a table, then i would expect to tip, even in england. though often not in much of europe.

so back to the bar, and we are sitting at a table, just finished out drinks and the angry bar lady walks past the table. we call for her and ask if they do service. she says " do you tip?" and then pretty much walks away without waiting for an answer.

on the plus side, at least she remembered him.

poker wise no tilting thus far this month. just purchased a $4k bonus on stars and now need to get 28k vpp's by the end of april. seeing as i need 10k vpps per month to retain supernova status this is attainable at current rate of play.

also think i should be rolled for $3/6 soon. seem to have finally got the hang of 2/4. saying that usually jinxes it, but i am brave.

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