Wednesday, February 18, 2009

just when i thought it couldn't get any worse

i open up 6 tables tonight.

shortly thereafter, i'm joined on three, by THE BIGGEST LOSER on my database, and one of my most generous benefactors. his stats: 3k hands played, monies obtained -$4k.

i lose 3 buy ins as he shits the deck into my face and i cry baby elephant tears out my pancreas.

having only been playing under 200 hands, and having had pocket pairs of 10s or higher about 2.5 million times, i found myself losing 3 buy ins. i'd even got paid on a set once.

the problem with multitabling is when you have action at every table midway through a hand. in this instance, with six tables running, i folded three and got all in on three. i think i mentally flipped a coin to decide which.

these six hands later and i'm winning for the day. i briefly hate myself no more.

i also notice i have doubled the number of followers i have and am in danger of obtaining a cult following if i can sustain this potentially exponential growth rate. sign up, get your friends to sign up, link me to popular sites like google, microsoft and the interweb thank you please.

looks like things couldn't get worse after all.

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