Tuesday, February 03, 2009

snow at night

is definitely very nice. as there is almost noone outside it's quiet and peaceful and people you see are generally happy looking which is unusual for londoners!

yesterday when i was winning i could only manage to play for 80 mins. today, i dropped 5 buyins to begin with and end up playing for 221mins.

sometimes i think this is the wrong way round. but mostly i think it depends more on accurately reading my own frame of mind.

ended up down only about 600 tonight so up 800 for the month so far which is ok. plus another for hundred on betfair where i occasionally play during the day cos stars is often dead at that time.

my plan to get fatter isn't working even though i have been doing weights 3-4times a week. only been two weeks though so i should give it a chance.

in the superbowl previews bruce springsteen apparently shamelessly promoted himself. which always gets me wondering why people listen to rock stars. especially when it comes to political concepts. in fact, this concept is much wider reaching. often an expert in one field is asked questions about another area entirely, with his/her answer taken as a truth. this annoys me somewhat and can even be found in the scientific community. but it annoys me most with people like bono. i was glad when south park finally did a show outing him for what he is. he doesn't hold the record. he is the record!

tilts this month:1

i am being more stringent with what passes as tilting now. gone are the days of 6 bet shoving filth, but now if i am not fully concentrated when playing i will be thinking of it as tilt.

and now it is late but i am not tired which is bad as i may have to go driving in 6 hours if the weather improves.

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