Sunday, February 22, 2009


i hate waking up early in the morning. especially, like today, when i have no reason to be up in the am. worse still, i woke up hungry. i did forget to eat last night and this may have contributed to my hunger and headache. i managed to play one hour of pokers before quitting due to headache. though it did go remarkably well. i opened up a couple of tables of 5/10 and 2/4. won about a buy in at each level, got headache and quit. tables at 2/4 were alright last night but i knew i was about to lose focus so stopped.

which reminds me that my tilt count for this month is probably about 3 again. losses amount to around $3k. though i'm back to breakeven for the year. worryingly i am UP for the year on all in ev! about $1.5k. which is unprecedented. i am preferring to be lucky rather than good, proving that most clich├ęd of phrases.

i also started wondering yesterday, whatever happened to leprosy?


Joppa Road said...

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates there are 830,000 cases of the disease worldwide. It is most prevalent in poverty-stricken areas of in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The disease is curable, but the effectiveness of the treatment is dependant on an early diagnosis.

Since 1982 the WHO has recommended multidrug therapy (MDT). Patients are given a cocktail of strong antibiotics which can completely cure the tuberculoid form of the disease within six months and the more infectious lepromatous form within two years.

A combination of drugs must be used because the leprosy bacteria can develop resistence to antibiotics very quickly.

If treatment is started early, deformities and disabilities can be prevented.

MDT also makes the few highly-infectious patients non-infectious very quickly, which helps prevent the spread of leprosy.

To date more than eight million patients have been totally cured of leprosy.

However, because most cases of the disease occur in difficult to reach places, many of them are not treated early enough.

Mudwig said...

i should really have elaborated. i don't know why i was thinking about it, but it always seemed quite a biblical disease to me. just reading more about it and apparently 95% of people are immune to it. how it's transmitted is still not exactly known. also syphilis allegedly got mistaken for leprosy!

and that's enough learning for one day.

rubbish said...

Sung to the tune of Yesterday.
Leprosy, bits and pieces falling off of me, I'm not half the man I used to be, Oh I believe in Leprosy.
Sorry, I'll get my coat.

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