Monday, March 29, 2010

a weekend

so an average weekend.

a saturday night out in a club which reminded me i am confused by my hearing. in most regular situations my hearing is superpower-esque. i can hear conversations through walls, and people eating popcorn in cinemas is, to me, louder than the film.

but put me in a club and i can't hear a conversation with two other people centimetres from my face. worse still is that they are able to hear everything. so everyone around me laughs whilst i look miserable. or simple minded enough to not understand a basic joke. then when i ask for a repetition, half the time i still don't hear them properly so i just feign laughter as i don't have any other choices.

then today i reneged on my deal with myself to not play sunday league football anymore. i let in another fabianski but much much worse is i missed two opportunities.

we are 2-1 up.
i miskick a couple of goal kicks in succession and the little cunt of an opposing striker shouts "he can't even kick the ball 20 yards", then runs up to me to gleefully repeat himself at levels i would clearly hear, even in a nightclub.
i ask him if he knows he's losing and how much that hurts.

opportunity 1
situation: we are still 2-1 up.
ball comes to my feet. i don't pick it up forcing their cuntstriker to jog up to me. i go to pick the ball up and he turns around. but i don't pick it up and it takes him some time to realise so he has to jog back towards me. when i do finally pick the ball up he starts wildly applauding to/for me.
i forget to bow.

opportunity 2
i slip as catching an attempted cross (which was more like a pass to me) in the dying moments. the ball bounces a yard off the line and i recover to get it. the entire other team (apart from keeper) run over to the ref to protest it had crossed the line. their nearest player would have been about 15 yards away and the ref isn't having any of it. i look up to see our striker on his own, on the halfway line. i kick it up to him. he runs in on goal with no one any where near him and dinks it beautifully over the keeper to seal the game. ref blows for full time moments after kick off
after the game cuntstriker has disappeared for the handshakes ritual so i don't get a chance to ask him to rate my kick for the last goal.

the pokering has been going well.
having implemented this system to encourage playing well when winning and stopping when losing i have done exceedingly well. today i came pretty close to quitting when after about 200 hands i was $771 down (very almost 2 buy ins) but i recovered to finish about $800 up after 800 hands.

still 8 buyins down for the year but am pretty confident i'll be level there by end of april and level on ptr at 2/4 by the end of may.
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