Tuesday, March 02, 2010


i worry about too many things.

one thing would be that people i know find out about this blog. i like the anonymity but there's always something in the back of my mind that knows i can't write completely freely just in case.

and then google buzz came along. and google forgot about privacy. and any blogspot blog that you had linked to an email (a-mao) address would be told of to pretty much everyone who you had emailed before in your life.

thanks google.

once again i find myself sleeping awkwardly. probably my bed is too short. and so when i woke this morning my neck once again hurt. only this time it got worse during the day so that i had shooting pains running up my neck every now and then.
so i went to the uni medical centre who said "you're not registered" which to me sounded like, "we don't care if you die." as i walked out the building i almost bumped into a mildy fat girl throwing her guts up next to the door.
i was going to congratulate her on making a stand on their non treatment of patients policy by showing them what she though of it, but she seemed a bit busy.

so i went home and ate a kit kat. i needed a break. and i remembered how kit kat's sometimes used to have no wafer in them, and how those were the greatest moments of being a kid. and then you heard rumours of how people sent them back to nestle and got boxes of chocolates in return but i never did because i always enjoyed eating them too much.
so my point is i was eating a kit kat and on the last bite a bit of wafer got stuck in my throat. i hate how it's always the last bite. and today was a day i didn't need things stuck in my neck.
i still can't look up or right comfortably and went to a doctor to get some pain medications. these scare me because now i go home and google them out of interest but end up just reading side effects. which for some reason includes vultures eating carcasses of beef fed on these pain killers, which caused renal failure in said vultures and some people are gene deficient in things vultures also don't have. and that scares me even though i'm not like a vulture. i hope.

ps fo poker.

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