Tuesday, March 09, 2010


i do not understand why people like the theatre.
i understand that many many moons ago it was the only entertainment around. and that's fine.
but now, unless it's something specific/unusual like perhaps Kabuki theatre in Japan, surely the cinema is better?
Not only do the people act for you, you get the added bonus of backgrounds that are believable along with a better all round production imo, stadium seating as standard, no interval and many other benefits.
and worst of all the theatre shows are the musicals. who stops what their doing to sing a semi relevant song and dance about it, with other people joining in, only to forget that they were singing as soon as the music ends.

it's probably, like the opera, so that people can go and feel cultured. they should read a book instead.

or maybe there's something I'm missing. but no one I've asked has so far been able to explain this to me.

anyway, something went wrong with the timing of my poll. google thinks 11am on Wednesday is in fact sometime tonight. so far it's been a unanimous decision to get my biannual haircut. weirdly, biannual can mean twice a year, and also once every two years. whoever wrote the English language made a whoopsie there.

i have been making mistakes of my own. i ate some badly reheated rice yesterday and my stomach is exacting revenge my sending pain back to my brain. amongst other methods at its disposal...

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