Wednesday, March 10, 2010


one of the best things about the interweb is that it has a good memory unlike people.
however, it's also subject to many false memories.

luckily, that's not my point for today. merely, i would like to point out how every time (insert football team here) win/lose* a game they are suddenly hailed as magnificent world beaters/worst team ever with worst ever players.*

This is rubbish journalism. now that people can see what you wrote a few months ago with ease, you might think they would become slightly less sensationalist, however, peoples memories are still short, and they're too lazy to click to check anything, and ultimately organisations want to sell copies/have people read what they sell.

luckily (for you) i haven't sold out to get paid for what i write. although i'd like to think if i did i wouldn't go down that route. it's mentally exhausting enough to win/lose $10k in a couple of weeks. if you were a journalist your headlines would have to be things like
As i predicted at the start of the year mudwig is the worst player ever having done $5k in one day! he should probably never play again. sadly for him, if he does play even one more day he'll be busto and have to concentrate solely on haircuts in the future.
having won $10k in just over a week, even whilst doing other time consuming things like sleeping, showering and eating, mudwig will soon be taking on isildur at his own game. anonymity for tax reasons. with some poker thrown in.

what's even worse with football is that bendtndneter, misses 2 sitters and a few other decent chances and is lambasted as being worse than a great dane of the canine variety. then he scores two sitters and a pelanty (thanks to chris for the correct spelling of that) and he's now the answer to the worlds water shortages.

so i'm either quite nervous that i'll have to put up with sensationalist news forevermore, or there's still a bug in my stomach playing havoc. either way, i'm gonna try to go outside and get a haircut.

apparently there was a ancient greek joke which went something like
A man goes for a hair cut and the barber asks how he would like it cut. The man says: "In silence".**

*delete as applicable...
**stolen from qi. i dunno if i'm supopsed to quote others, but it would be nice if they quoted things stolen from me so i guess i'm reciprocating in advance.

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