Sunday, November 01, 2015

11 weeks to go

As I type this, a child is going mental nearby, screaming it's tiny loud head off at frequent intervals.

this past week was an exciting one of making croissants (fresh out the oven they taste incred), fires on my journey to work closing the roads for two days and homicidal drivers. A minibus came with inches of slowly crushing me to death because he decided instead of waiting in traffic, to go on to the wrong side of the road without looking or indicating as I was overtaking him. He didn't hear me shout since he head a bluetooth headset on. He was rather surprised when I knocked on his window and asked him to look where he was going in future and perhaps indicate to other road users his intentions.

Thursday they had a halloween party at work. I use the term 'they' since I have nothing in common with any of them. And of course i didn't go, much to the surprise of my boss (the dickhead). out of the 100 or so people in the office, me, the quietest man in the world he sits next to me, our boss, and his boss were the only 4 people not dressed up. I don't understand halloween at all or how/when it became a thing in england. i do wonder why he was surprised that i didn't go to the 'party' when he didn't ask me at any point before 6pm whether i was going. so at the going home time so i said goodbye and he asked "you're not staying?" and i said "no i have things to do." Even if i had nothing to do that would have been preferable than to stay. the office is very odd in that talking or taking appears to be frowned upon unless you smoke. also, making me work till 6pm is a waste of time as at 430pm my brain has had enough of their nonsense so i spend 90 minutes counting the seconds till i can make my escape. the only good thing about this job is cycling to work, learning some good shortcuts in london town and getting fit. fit, not healthy, since the smog i breathe in is probably killing me quicker than i realise.

this week, i think i will make the switch from cycling in trousers to cycling shorts because when it rains i cannot sit at work all day soaked to the bone as i might actually die.

i'm quite hungry now. i should go and make some foods.

11 weeks to go.

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