Tuesday, November 24, 2015

8 weeks to go

just under since i write this a couple of days late.

last night i had a dream about work. some piece of work which has been going for over a week was annoying me. i dreamt i had a solution to the problem. I awoke from the dream to find that the solution was brilliant. except i was still in a dream. I woke up from that into real life and remembered the solution. it didn't help because the solution was obviously wrong.
this appears to be what my life has become.

my boss is away this week so the guy next to me who also works for him is much more relaxed and talkative. he's a nice hard working italian guy. one of the few (only) people in the office who doesn't appear to be a dickhead.

when my boss is back i need to finally tell him i'm not working friday's any more. part of me wants to keep working fridays as i realised i really need the monies. the other part of me would just rather do useful things with my life.

i have monday off next week. i must remember this and not go in to work.

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