Sunday, November 15, 2015

9 weeks to go

This week was much more interesting.
My boss constantly, unbeknownst to him, reminds me he is a dickhead. This week I was doing something urgent and some important person was leaving early (at 5pm. early lol), it had got to about 4pm and I hadn't gone out for my enforced lunch break. So i said, I'm going out, can I just take half an hour and then leave half an hour early, what with needing to chat to this guy before his 5pm leaving time.
he said no. dickhead. acts like this, the complete lack of flexibility are why working for most other people in this world is a waste of time. i can't imagine anyone needs more than one guess for make of car that he drives.

My mental state this week has been abysmal. 99% of my life is incredible, yet the 1% has such an astounding affect. then I read this interview with arsene wenger. I like the bits where he talks about the past being a source of anxiety, thinking about all the things you've done wrong. And the future also being a source of anxiety. Thus, one has to live in the present. I like that. A while ago I made a graph on here for how I was feeling. After reading that interview I was thinking about my graph and realised that the update to the graph is that the graph no longer exists. I can't concentrate on the past and future for my feelings. Only the present.
I think this is why I like cycling. and cycling alone. It's just me, my body and my mind. Sometimes it's harder and sometimes easier. After these 9 weeks are up, I think I will go to Tenerife for a week to cycle in the sunshine.

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