Sunday, November 08, 2015

10 weeks to go

this may be the worst point. I don't think i'll be able to manage another ten weeks. All I can do to get through this is think of the monies. oh, and this week i'm telling my boss i'm gonna start doing 4 days a week instead of 4.5 since half a day is a waste of time.

the week past was mostly unmemorable. I have taken to spending my lunch break in the library. i like this because it means i can read books. Also, there's a tiny chance i'll meet a lovely lady. I realise i have no idea how to meet ladies.

shitting in work toilets is something no one talks about yet everyone does. it's quite normal. except for the person who was in the toilets on thursday. in all the cycling i've done going up steep hills with an empty tank, hungry, and nothing in the legs, or intervals, i have never struggled as much as the guy who was trying to squeeze one out.

today i discovered that i prefer cycling alone than with others. with others it's ok for being sociable but not good for pushing yourself. and i'm not really a sociable person.

and now, i'm off to watch some football (uk, well spanish) football (us) and knock one out before bed. tara.

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