Sunday, October 25, 2015

12 weeks to go

well, week 1 went not as bad as expected. working half days on friday was a good idea, as it meant I could leave early at least one day a week. somehow i had forgotten how terrible leaving work at 6pm is. why anyone thinks 40 hour weeks with an enforced 1 hour lunch is a good idea is beyond me. I assume they think it will make people more productive but i think it has the opposite effect.
cycling to work however, was great. only went in 4 days by bike since it rained the other day and i dont yet have wet weather cycling clothes.
anyone, that was all quite boring. like work. i spent lunches reading the curious incident of the dog in the night time. it's a really good book. i enjoyed it muchly.

I did have one funny conversation at work. 4 days after restarting work, i was sitting the reception on my lunch break because it was miserable outside and i can't face sitting at work my desk. the secretary walks in to the buildine, came up to me and said "you're back!"
i said "yes".
"why are you here?" she asked.
"It's too cold outside." I don't think that may have made much sense but it didn't seem to phase her.
"are you coming to the Halloween party?"
"no", i said. "i can't make it."
"why not?"
"I'm busy". at this point i hoped she wouldn't ask again as i'd run out of synonyms for i don't want to. luckily she didn't.

Anyway, I also realised this week that I have literally no idea how to meet new people. None whatsoever. i saw a stunning lady in starbucks but had no idea how to approach her.
Maybe i should do some volunteer work where I can meet nice people. But leaving work at 6 is bullshit and leaves me not much time for anything in the week.
speaking of which, tis almost bedtime.

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