Wednesday, December 24, 2014

films reviews

so, Netflix, eh? some great tv shows. some great films. a lot of shite films with high Netflix ratings.
IMDB used to be a reputable source for ratings. these days, imdb cannot be trusted for ratings as far as you can throw them. and as ratings are an abstract concept, you can't throw them (and thus trust them) at all.

Film 1
The Oranges
I think that's this is what it was called. It has House in it. And Maebe from Arrested Development. It has 4/5 starts on Netflix and 6/10 on IMDB from 8000 ratings.

An entirely forgettable film. I have already forgotten it. My fading memories are House is great, Maebe said 'maybe' a couple of times and that is all.
1/10 (House saving it from a 0/10)

Film 2
Robot and Frank
Netflix rating, 4/5 stars. IMDB rating, 7/10 45,000 votes.
This film was described as a comedy. The only comical thing about it was that the writers somehow managed to get paid for this overwhelmingly awful film. It was impossible to tell whether the acting, writing or directing was the worst part of this film. Set at some point in the future, nothing seemed in any way realistic. Characters made the strangest decisions, completely free of logic on all possible occasions. It had no discernible plot. The only way I was able to finish watching it was because the snacks I made prior to the film made me not want to get up.

Netflix bonus rating
After i rate films 1 star on Netflix I get constant offers/threats - "based on you watching Robot and Wank, you'll enjoy these film..."
WHY?! Why do they do that. I hated it. Offer me good films instead perhaps? My friend got recommended Archer repeatedly by Netflix before he gave in and watched it. He then recommended it to me, so there is a chance that it could work.
Netflix algorithm: 1/10
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