Monday, January 05, 2015

waiting for the phone to ring

a brief excursion a couple of weeks ago allowed some remarkable human interaction.

1. the local travel agency has a sign in their window, no doubt attempting to drum up business, which states
"because it's easier to click with a person than a mouse"

it's not. it's very easy to click with a mouse. in fact, i can click with every mouse at the touch of a button. some humans are slightly more complex.

2. i am opening a new bank account and they called me to say i have to go into a branch to get a certified copy of my ID sent off to them. the conversation was incredibly well scripted by a writer possessing a fantastic comical mind.
I turned up and it was empty which is always good as the service will be quick. The lady teller started trying to help me. I explained that i'd had a phone call needing them to photocopy my id, certify it, and send it off. She asked for an email with the info like the address. I repeated that i had a phone call, and they didn't tell me any address. She then turned to her computer and after about 20 seconds said she's looking for the head office address.

I began to worry.

A few seconds later she exclaims, "I found it. Lucky you"
Yes, lucky me, I thought. How lucky am I that the bank should have the address of their head office.
I told her they just needed the business name and postcode. She asked for full address and phone number.

I got a bit more worried.

I told her they just needed the business name and postcode. She asked for full address and phone number. To exit this potentially infinite loop I asked if she had a pen and some paper so I could write down the details. She duly provided them and asked also what the business did. I looked up and she said that she was just asking because she was interested. I gave a vague answer, and began to write down my details. Then she says
"I'm on your side"

I began to get very worried.

What sides are there here? Is it me vs the bank, and she's joining my company? Does she not work for the bank? Does she not like the bank? Even if any of those things were true, what sides? This isn't a war. I just want a bank account so people can pay me money.

The rest of the interaction was a bit of blur as i concentrated on escaping as soon as possible.
She hasn't yet called.

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