Friday, June 01, 2012

things that scare me #2,361

strangely, going out is much scarier to me than doing strange things when already out, since i'm not entirely sure what normal is, probably since i don't go out that often.

just recently i went out for a burger. after finishing said burger, and it wasn't small, i was approximately as hungry as when i started. i waited 10 minutes to see if i started to register being filled up but no such luck. so i ordered another. the waitress seemed unperturbed by my behaviour so i asked if many people had ordered 2 burgers. she said a few had. obviously (to me) i then asked "how about 3?"
she looked at me, paused for a moment, and said no. i knew right then and there her pause was challenging me. she had a pretty face and i wondered if it would increase my chances to see the rest of her body if i succeeded in this challenge she had just laid down at my feet.

i rather comfortably finished the second burger but didn't feel like another. so i asked her about dessert. she seemed impressed. sadly, they didn't have my preferred dessert of soufflé or soufflé-esque cake so we paid and left.
i think i have a thing for waitresses, and there's an even hotter one at another restaurant nearby. i wonder if i could instead impress her with eating abilities.

i might first try and get some tips from the winner of this eating contest:


Yakshi said...

"The bear keeps taking breaks, you see, because he doesn't know he's in a competition." lol


Mudwig said...

lols indeed.
imagine if it was a man in a bear suit and just before eating the last one he ripped his face mask off, a la mission impossible 3.

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