Thursday, June 07, 2012


why does poker still make me angry??

i dropped down to shit levels to play shit players and losing to submental random button clickers is very frustrating! i don't care whether it's through bad beats or hilarious preflop calls such as cold calling 3bets pre with 63s and hitting a flush on the turn or 76 for 20% of your stack and flopping a magnificent 77x vs me.

i've seen this so many times and for so long so why does it still annoy me?!

i also get very annoyed by people disturbing me when playing - they see i'm concentrating on something else but just don't care and keep talking to me. worse still is they often have ample opportunity to talk to me when it's not late at night yet refrain from doing so. and when these effects combine there's a hulk-rage switch which goes off inside my head.

i know what i should be focussing on and how my mental approach should be but just don't seem to able to do it. maybe i should just quit entirely.
anyway, down to $100 now.

here's a picture from the beach today.

i couldn't be bothered to go down to the beach beach since it's sandy and sand is just annoying. plus it wasn't even warm. i have fond mammories of this beach. when i was a kid i saw a topless sunbather. probably my first pair of real life breasts. and they were magnificent. it kinda made every pair since a bit of a let down, i think only one pair i've seen since compares.


L4Y SP said...

you are not alone my friend .

Mudwig said...

i don't want to be angered by it! which only makes me more angry. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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