Sunday, June 03, 2012

more fillums

less forms. job applications are so dull. they lure you in making you think it'll be a quick cover letter + CV thing, yet invariably they have a million questions and an unresponsive server.
also, they're very formulaic. films are much more interesting. well, good films are. I watched sunset boulevard. it's massively rated on imdb. i was hoping it would be good, but the high expectations just made it seem worse. without being too harsh i would give it maybe a 9/20. i liked the main guy in it at first but his character deteriorated as the film went on. it also didn't have the romantic style of other old films. how it gets rated higher than hitchcock stuff shocks me.

been playing a little poker again. i started with $5 on partypoker and about $80 on betfair and i'm gonna see if i can win a little over the next few weeks, playing 3/4 tables at a time for the next few weeks. a few hundred perhaps by end of june would be nice. my goal is £1k, but tis not an expectation, it's my target! (yeah, i know, money goals bad, volume goals good, blah blah blah, but i want money.)

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