Tuesday, June 12, 2012

no regrets

back when i was at university, i lived in a wonderous house, occasionally co-habited by mice. turns out tom and jerry style mouse traps are useless as mice just eat the cheese. even if you glue the cheese to the trappy part, they just eat around the glue.

on my walks back home from the pub, there used to be a short cut that included a few banks of steps that were very tall, a minutes walk away. occasionally i would see how far i could jump down them. then, one winter's night, on my walk home, mildly emboldened by alcohol i tried to jump the entire lot of ~10-15 steps. i landed successfully on both feet. success however, is measured by many things. in this case the only success was that i didnt fall over and roll down the next flight. though that may have been better than landing and not bending my knees which is what i did.

the pain that shot through my heels was immense. after a very slow reaction to the pain, i collapsed on the floor to take the weight off my legs. lying on my back, after about 3 minutes i realised it was bloody freezing and i needed to get home before freezing to death. that walk home took my about 15 minutes and involved me walking like an old lady who needed a zimmer frame, but without the zimmer frame. i spent three days in bed unable to walk before i was able to go to a doctor to check it out. though i was just told, "come back if it gets worse."

it did get better shortly afterwards so i was able to start walking again but i felt the pain occasionally for about 2 years afterwards.

so anyone that ever tells you, "you only regret the things you didn't do, and not the things you did do" is wrong.

(anyway, you shouldn't have any regrets - you can't change the past, only the future.)

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