Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a slow road back to poker

so for the second time in three days, and the second time in three months i played the poker. again, probably just under an hour. and only 3 tabling. still a healthy profit in terms of bb's. an unhealthy profit in $$'s. i quite enjoy playing fewer tables, and it's very stress free at lower levels. i also like the retards and their chat. i did one 4 bet bluff today and got shoved on. probably pretty stupid to 4bet bluff but meh, it felt okish at the time. anyway, someone who was half involved in the hand made some lmfaoroffle4betbluffidiotlol comment. i laughed. moreso cos he was that player. you know the mouthy one, who tells everyone else what they should be doing and it's almost like they can read you. till you realise they just sit there playing weak passive. he was the only one at the table limp calling and check folding flops.
i like the predictable nature of these players.
also helps that i'm playing on betfair where the standard of player is somewhere between terrible gambler and terribly addicted gambler.

managed to encourage myself to get out of bed today. 3 days in a row getting up in 10mins or less following alarm. i may have to keep this streak going. also completed all my goals again except writing. also was slack in c++'ing as i only did a bit of reading and not much coding. but i do find it boring. i should remind myself of why i do it.

one more thing i think i will add to the list to remind myself is to always talk like i'm giving a speech. i will do this for a week or two to see how it goes. so that means eye contact, good posture, speaking slowly, loudly and clearly. no umming or ahrring. all things i hate but should get used to.

did nothing that scared me today. well, i went to a mechanic. maybe that should count.


Yakshi said...

Here's a scary challenge. Force yourself to leave your home for at least 2 hours. Wander the streets. During that period, you must say "mi'lady" and doff your cap to every woman you see.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled on ur blog and read your goals, my goals too are pretty much the same just dat i am not much into scary things...

Mudwig said...

i like the idea of wearing hats. i don't have a face for hats, but they are quite idyllic nonetheless. and mostly because of this i accept your challenge. although 2 hours is a bit long to wander the streets!

answers: glad to hear your goals are the same! i'm not into scary things, just decided to try to do things that push me out my comfort zone. i am sure most of these things aren't scary for the majority of people!

(current capture reads: itsDAD
capitalisation n'all)

Yakshi said...

Yeah, 2 hours is a bit long. You can get the same effect in half an hour.

capcha: icumzo ryaUser

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