Monday, May 21, 2012

day 1

nearing the end of day 1. today was good so far.
i have successfully got up with my alarm (before the first snooze alarm went, which is the bizarre 9 minute interval of the iPhone alarm. WHY NOT 10?!), read my mission statement, did exercise to the point of failure for 20 minutes, and have been doing a little c++, although mostly reading rather than writing.

i didn't apply for jobs but i got calls from 2 recruiters and sent my cv to a third so that'll count for today. tomorrow my plan for that is to go to town to find the office of a job i applied for a couple of weeks ago and speak to them to get them to give me the job.

sitcom writing will be done later today, as will playing some poker. actually, i might try that now for 30-60 minutes. i have free money in partypoker which i'm gonna try to spin up whilst playing a few tables of low steaks on betfairy.

hopefully after a massive break i'll be able to enjoy concentrating on playing well, and especially not making mistakes which i know are mistakes but i don't bother to stop myself from making them.

it was also sunny today - a great success! (though i won't take credit for that)

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