Thursday, May 03, 2012

good morning/afternoon/evening

not that i don't know the time of day but i only know it for me, not you (either now or when you'll read this).

"the time of day" is a funny phrase. i associate it with the derogatory comments "i wouldn't give him the time of day" and "i have no time for you"

two old school insults. the middle east has some great ones. I think my favourite is (i think) an egyptian one which is along the lines of "i hope all your teeth fall for except for one, and that one gives you toothache"
i might try that at the poker tables one day.

looking back down memory lane at my favourite posts, i found that i was quite terrible at responding to comments. i think i was a bit unsure what to say, or something. i thought of it similar to heckling in comedy clubs, something i reckon that i would have been quite bad at dealing with, unlike real comedians who are usually quite good. the best i saw was when jimmy carr made an unscheduled appearance at a comedy club i was at. two people right at the front right were talking the whole time, and after a couple of minutes he turns to them and says "you know, it's not like when you watch it on telly, i can hear you when you talk"

everyone laughed at their expense but amazingly even that didn't shame them enough into being silent for the remaining minutes of his brief interlude!

edit: yesterday, 25 minutes znoozing
today: -15 minutes (woke up early due to smoke alarm going off). bizarrely, feel less tired this morning.

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