Monday, November 09, 2009


not in a maths way, but a poker way. realised if i want the $2k bonus (which would come with a $2.4k bonus from fpps) i need to get my ass in gear and play lots more.
last weekend i played on sat night till 8am, and a bit more on sunday reaching almost 9k hands on the weekend! sadly my brain was against me and this resulted in my paying about $2k for the luxury of playing. almost not worth going for a $2k bonus.

had a bit of break and sorted my brain out, and thursday managed to play a bit and win about $1k. this weekend i've managed only 6k hands but won about $4.5k.

usually i find it hard to play when winning as i'm happy with keeping the money before i get coolered and return much of it back. but these days i really do my best to only focus on making the correct decision, trying not to look at how much i'm up/down in $ or ev etc.

also i know i have to reach about 80k hands to clear the vpp to get my bonus which is my real motivator. i've played enough that i would usually be able to make it in the next two months but i'm going to japan for 2 weeks and i'm busy in the last week of december so have at best 5 weeks of play left, and more likely four.
so i've started 9 tabling again (this time without horrific results) and i hope with 60hours of play i'll reach the bonus. whether i make i there remains to be seen. i would say it's currently a 50/50 shot.

also, i reached $5k so have started some 2/4 aswell, which seemed very soft over this weekend.

anyway, with all these winnings all that's left to do is buy a slap chop

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