Thursday, November 12, 2009

euphamism of the day

i may be a little late in the discovery of this but 'balloon knot' makes me laugh. and then feel a bit sick. and then laugh again. ha.

in other news my fitness regime is as fickle as a woman's opinion. i have added a couple of new exercises (i misspelt that word and my computer tried to correct it to excelsior, a commonly underused word) to my regime. one is the infamous one legged squat. which is exactly what it sounds like. for extra difficulty, conduct this from a step so that you can sit lower than otherwise humanly possible. this are also good for improving balance. the second is essentially standing on tiptoes. start from tiptoes, come down very slowly and as soon as your heels touch the ground quickly rise again. feet can be either pointed forwards or charlie chaplin style. these are really easy for about 0-20, but once i reach about 50 the searing pain through my entire legs remind me why i prefer eating ice cream to 'working out.'

my other long running theme is the learning of russian which is still going much slower than i would like. it's pretty tough for a semi retarded individual like myself to learn new things like languages, but it's made even more difficult when the language is fully retarded (and by this i mean impossible!) it's definitely worth it though, on the off chance i meet kournikova

i once thought i saw her on my flight to kiev but it was probably just a very good imposter. i can't remember if i mentioned her before but this lady was gorgeous. i followed her up the stairs on to the plane, but sadly she was not in the seat next to mine. the look of absolute delight on the ~16 year old kid who realised she was about to sit next to him was almost as memorable as the look of shock to his reaction shown by his mum's face.

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