Thursday, November 26, 2009

but how much do you spend?

some questions i have decided to ask people i meet who tell me what their jobs are (perhaps with some gentle coaxing from me, like, 'what do you do for a living?'):

1)how much do you earn? (repeatedly)
and if they give any sort of figure
1a) but how much did you spend to make that much?

2)are you addicted to it?
2a)how often do you go?
every day
so you are addicted!!

3)do you talk to people on the phone at all?
3a)but how do you know they are telling the truth if you can't see their face?

4)can you teach me how to do your job?

5)how do you know your company aren't gonna go bust and not pay you or even just fire you?

if they mention anything they've ever bought
6)good day at work, eh? (with overacted sarcasm)

7)are you any good at it?

8)are you gonna be on tv soon?
8a) oh, i guess you aren't any good at your job.

then if poker comes up and they ask me any of these questions i can legally punch them in the duodenum


i also found out about something called the Dunning Kruger effect. It's funny, as it says people who think they are good at something are invariably bad as they haven't mastered it to a good enough level to realise they're bad. whilst people who are good at stuff realise there is always much more to learn.

which puts my last post into perspective

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