Sunday, November 22, 2009


this guy is mental. trying to play about 2 brazillion hands of poker in a week to become wealthier, probably at the cost of any remaining sanity.
whilst i struggle to get another 17kvpps this guy has to do 7100 per day.

on the plus side it means i get to go outdoors and enjoy the hilarity of every day life. for example i've always wondered how bus drivers became such horrible drivers. did bad drivers get the job, or did the job train them to be bad? yesterday i learnt, that they in fact get training to be terrible. i was following a bus with L plates, where the driver gets lessons. he passed another bus and they both stopped for a chat, completely oblivious to anyone else on the road with places to go. like me.

i've also been recently amused by the use of the word quantum. for many years since it's conception Planck it's been used in science to mean small. as in the smallest possible amount of something.

then in the 80s quantum leap came along, a great show with sam beckett travelling through time. ever since then people have used quantum as a prefix to mean something huge. yet whenever i see it i instinctively use the small meaning and laugh at people talking how they've made a quantum leap in something or other.

i like photos. i started including some here on this here blog. mostly of hot wimmen. but i thought it's time i got serious, and below is my computer set up. i consulted some feng shui guides in order to organise things to boost my calmness and clear thinking. on that note, it's back to the grind.

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