Thursday, November 05, 2009

the promised photo

i doubt it lives up to the many day wait (it's not nekkid ladies covered in chocolate sauce aka 2 girls one fountain), but i'd never seen one like this. i laughed unexpectedly causing me to ironically pee all over the toilet seat.

i went up an escalator today at a tube station and wondered what it would be like if i fell over backwards. everyone would have a nice comfortable fall onto the person behind. except for the last person for whom it might hurt.

to reward myself for such great thinking i purchased a huge bag of jelly beans from a pick and mix in town. when i was a kid i remember being told in the science museum that it was better for you teeth to eat lots of sweets at once, rather than spread it out over time. i've taken this to heart ever since and often consume kilo's of chocolate at once because it's better for my teeth.

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