Sunday, October 25, 2009

the times, they are a-changing

in the uk, the clocks changed tonight. the good way. an extra hour in bed! except i am still awake. which means i don't get an extra hour's sleep. in fact, i get an extra hour awake and then the same short sleep which means i'm gonna be more tired than normal tomorrow. this is pretty bad. i shall make sure i don't do this again in future.

i did intend to have another mammoth session of playing cards but my head hurts. it's been hurting since i played football on monday and got the ball shot in my face (almost sounds dirty). i've had a slightly fat lip since then meaning talking/laughing/eating is really painful as well as having a pain in my nose. not even sure if this is causing my massive headache or if that's from somewhere else.

i've also come to the conclusion that when i become a bum in 3 months time i will have to become a pro poker player for a few months whilst i start up some alternate revenue streams. this should motivate me to play properly and start playing some 5/10 assuming i hit my 10k goal by the end of the year.


Bruce said...

10k goal and then play 5/10??

what you play now

Mudwig said...

playing 1/2 to remember how to not lose.
currently rolled for 3/6 i think, and once i'm about 5k up since sept i'll go back to 2/4.
10k in total should have me rolled for 5/10 where if i lose 10 buyins ill drop back down.

ps where you been? get back to blogging thanks

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