Monday, October 12, 2009

horrific play

i amaze myself sometimes with how bad i can play. last night was a shining example of this. for once i wasn't bored when playing 2k hands, and this was whilst playing a couple of soft tourney's on stars but even this didn't prevent me setting money on fire.
made the money in one of the two tournaments that i played in for a slight loss in them on the evening. but the cash games play was truly car crash horrific.

i seem to have this mentality where i think no matter how much i am losing i can just go on a huge upswing and win it all back in maybe 30mins or so. after all, i read about lots of other people doing so. but i don't think that's ever happened for me! maybe i'm just a bit rubbish.

i was gonna post some of the worst hands but they're so embarrassing it would be akin to being caught hosting an party of strippers in your basement all dressed up in nazi uniforms in the 21st century. when your dad was chief fascist in the uk during the second world war. (disclaimer: any likeness to real events is purely coincidental)

on a lighter (or possibly darker?) note, on one of my drives i finally remembered to take a photo of possibly the scariest shop i have ever seen. my mind boggles as to what could possibly occupy the insides, but i currently lack the courage to go in and find out.


Bossanova21 said...

Have you ventured inside the shop yet?

Mudwig said...

hell no!!
imo there are only 5 possible uses this shop will have
5)all of the above

one day my curiosity might get the better of me...

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