Wednesday, October 28, 2009

sum forty one

just finished the easiest hands of poker i've had for a while, continuing a recent upswing following a $4k downswing. lots of swings but no roundabouts in sight.

more painfully than that emotional turmoil (which i am sadly used to) was a fat lip i got from football. as i mentioned last time it was unusually painful for usually i am impervious to it, but this time i got cut! foolishly i got home and following the ritual of the blowing of the nose, ate a post match orange which wasn't sensible as the juicy acid flavour caused some immense pain to me.
this theme of painful eating got me thinking. it's a great way to cure fat people. instead of stomach stapling, just make it painful to eat. i'm not saying cut their lips every two weeks or punch them in the face. unless they were horrible people in which case it's a two birds one stone situation.

one of the things that made me laugh (and therefore hurt) this week was i've seen lots of motorbikes driving as if they were cars. when they stay in the middle of a lane of traffic instead of zooming past everyone, this bemuses me greatly. i understand that sometimes it's safer, but really, half the attraction of the motorbike is that you never have to sit in any traffic.

that's it for today, check out jethro's last post. made me laugh .and cause me pain. but it was worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Would the NHS have to foot the bill for making the food painful to eat? they'd probably fuck it up TBH

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