Wednesday, October 07, 2009

giving up

not i!

many others appear to have retired from the anonymous world of blogging. fear not, i still am pestered by thoughts so odd only here can i release them into the world.

for example, tesco petrol stations have this great thing where you can pay for the petrol at the pump (instead of having to walk into the shop and queueue). i treat this like a pit stop and see how fast i can finish. there is however no real time pressure.
then yesterday, my friend was needing to inflate his car tyres. some petrol stations give you free air, others charge you. he finally found one, and though it charged, he still needed the air (apparently air is like like sex, you only really miss it when you're not getting any). with these ones that pay they only give you a couple of minutes. he seemed to think that he didn't have enough time to do all the tyres. i pointed out that it's done on purpose to really make it feel like a pit stop.

i was also struck down by a cold recently. except i wasn't really struck down but just mildly infected. this did however lead to much nose blowing. which gets real boring real fast. i would often just touch my nose with my hands to check it wasn't falling off.
i worry that people i share on office with now think i do drugs up my nose, because that's what i would think if i saw someone who didn't actually look ill touch their nose repeatedly.

house has just started the new series on telly. i think this is my favourite program of the moment. writing and acting is brilliant in it. unlike 'the invention of lying'
which i really wanted to like but really didn't. flawed and not funny would be my review. though there was one magnificently funny moment towards the end so i would rate it 3/20

here's a great song, the kind that also sounds really great live, whilst i go and look for a house. (to live in)


Bossanova21 said...

do you ever get it where the petrol pump doesn't allow petrol to flow freely into the vehicle, instead chugging along, and releasing it in bursts??

That must really annoy you when in a pitstop!

rubbish said...

I tried it with my Missus and Daughter as my pit crew changing the wheels as well. My record is three and a half weeks. Beat that.

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