Friday, October 16, 2009

new friends

i think i need to get some. i may have mentioned this before but seriously, some of my friends are such hypocritical turds.
when booking a holiday that costs over £1500, worrying about paying £30 more for the hotel than you wanted shouldn't really be a big issue, especially when you've just bought a new car. but somehow it is.
and then to abuse me for not worrying about £30 because i play poker, or i saved money from somewhere else really is a wanker thing to do.
but why is this hyprocritical? because i get abuse from them for being tight!
and i also get abuse when i buy anything (and i do mean anything) and told "good day at poker. eh?" in that looking down at me for gambling way.

obviously it's a small problem to say to someone after 10+ years to say, yeah, i don't like you. maybe i should download some stuff from their house and call the music industry.


Bossanova21 said...

i often find myself wanting new friends too

mine are just lager louts or stoners generally

i wouldn't mind, if they ever actually left the house or went anywhere other than the local


Highstack said...

Didn't realise I knew you Boss :-)

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