Thursday, November 06, 2014

search results

i haven't checked these in a while. traffic has died recently so there are no good ones of late. However, when i checked all time search terms that people used to arrive at my site, i found some previously untouched gold:

"although i served him with section 8 and section 21 notices and obtained a court order for possession of the property, he was reluctant to move out or pay any of the rent arrears.county court bailiffs got him evicted and his total debt to date is £1,263. (quite much)."
-to that i agree. it is a lot.

"followed by ghosts"
-not sure i've ever offered advice for this problem.

a bad dancer is always impeded by his own balls
-must explain why i am so bad at dancing, and why no women are bad dancers.

chihuahua swallowed whole clove of garlic
-perhaps they were looking for yakshi

i just ate a whole clove of garlic
-perhaps not, and blaming the dog was a first attempt at hiding their shame, but now they're so ill they admit the truth! (or maybe it's a different person)

what is odd is that i didn't add the quote marks, so how did the first term get anything as a response, let alone reach my blog?

today's word count: 1470
total word count: 7506

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