Tuesday, November 04, 2014


i kinda peaked during my weight gaining, and had to concentrate on losing weight as i'd added way too much fat. I'm back to a much more pleasing 12% fat or so, and would still like to lose a couple of % from that. I also think i need to add some strength, without adding too much weight although a kilo or two wouldn't hurt.

my current regime is following the 4 hour body plan.
it is hilariously easy. i wonder if it will work at all. it begins with a 4 week conditioning program. which is solely walking 3 times a week for 15 minutes. lol. so i will walk 3 times a week, as fast as i can, aiming to walk slightly further each time. however, as i am not an american obese man, I will only do this for about a week and a half.

after these 2 weeks, the strength building will begin, with more hilariously short training exercises. they take less than an hour, with about 90% of it being resting (i.e. doing nothing). after 4 weeks of that, i'll see how i feel. I may need to go to a gym for this. I hate the gyms with a passion. There are many people who act rather entitled. I may try to find someone to go with as the boredom of gyms is also detrimental to pushing oneself further.

There are many things I seem to be doing on a daily basis now. learning a language, writing this terrible novel, reading more and learning some useful computing things like MySQL and building databases. I think not having a job is the best thing i've done in a long time. Once i get into these routines, sadly, I'll have to start looking for some more work.

Writing was pretty tough going today. I have made some plans for forthcoming plot and chapters so it's not all bad. It was just tough to motivate myself. Luckily the excess I wrote yesterday helped. I think i will take one day off each week otherwise I might burn out. This will mean that in November I will only be writing a total of 39k words. However, I will be pleased with that as a first draft.

Today's Word Count: 1170
Total Word Count: 6036

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