Tuesday, November 18, 2014

kindness is magic

i think the saddest thing about society is that people constantly judge others. they seek to put down other people for anything and everything that they do differently. i guess most of it comes back to making themselves feel better. it is a shame they use other people for their yardsticks, rather than concentrating on doing the best that they can do. if others aren't hurting you (or anyone else), then there is no reason to even be concerned with what other people are doing. just be happy for them. there is an infinite amount of happiness to go around. and life is too short to be wasted on hating other people.

word count: 19k
on target to go through everything i have done so far, and reorganise it to make it easier for me to write, and complete a sensible plan. This semi break is totally not in the spirit of writing a book in november, but i have to do it this way to make sure i can complete it, and not have a complete piece of shit. just a semi piece. who knows, if all goes well this week, then i might be able to do 2k words a day next week and get close to 40k words. if i work a bit hard the next couple of days i could even start writing again properly from friday!

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