Thursday, November 20, 2014

post office

i constantly miss letters that the post office deliver. It's like they wait for me to be out and then send the post man/woman/child round to deliver. and they don't seem to like trying to leave the packages with the neighbours. This means that i have to go to the post office depot to pick up my packages.
i did however notice an oddity when I tried to present my ID.
If you show your passport, which contains your name, picture, and no address, that is ok (this is you. address unknown)
If you show a utility bill, which shows your name, no picture and address, that is also ok (correct address, human unknown)
If you show a driving licence, with the wrong address because you didn't change it since you just moved, this has the correct name and picture, but wrong address. This is unacceptable to the post office. They say that it is not me, and I cannot pick up the package.

I would however argue that the drivers licence is more stringent as a test for who you are then the utility bill. It is on the same level as a passport. In fact, you need a passport to make your drivers licence. It has your name and recent picture on it. Like a passport.

These days, I do all my bills online. I have a 2 month old council tax bill from when I first moved in - payments for this are also all now done online. I will not receive any more bills by post for as long as i live here, and as utility bills have to be recent i will only be able to use my passport to pick up future letters. This seems like overkill. If I'm in Europe, I don't even need a passport to go across borders, but the post office need me to show it to get a letter.

word count: 19k
plan: almost completed. been through all i have written. last few pieces of plot to be put together tomorrow.
then 1 day off.
from sunday: 2k per day for last 8 days of month for 35k total words.


alan said...

10c7c -6k here nice blog lol

Mudwig said...

thanks for the kind comment
i assume your 6k is a word count. good luck to you!

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