Wednesday, November 21, 2012

cheating on this blog

i started doing some writing elsewhere!

i've never been a fan of writing. but i have decided to write a book with a friend. just a coffee table book. he has many good ideas and has written books before. it doesn't seem particularly expensive to get it published for just a few copies that we would begin with. and i reckon it would be pretty cool to have that on my ceevee.

coming up with lots of ideas is pretty tough though. especially when you have a day job. although the day job can be great material for writing.

take for example today. i've been doing some work on modelling. (mathematical modelling!)
it has two key elements. in brief, one of these elements is to limit the number of customers to see the effects that this will have.
today, my new boss (who replaced my awesome previous boss) was talking to me about what i do in a failed bid to understand what i do.

i explained the two key aspects including the one above. i explain how it takes time to run, mostly because of this one part of it. she then asks, can you just not limit the customers?


the whole essences of what i'm doing is to limit the customers and see the effect it has on many other things.

how is this person my boss i hear you ask?
i ask that same question every day. (not to her. yet.)

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