Friday, November 09, 2012

a new low

yesterday i applied for a job. looking for jobs in scandanavia because of women (although i know finalndia is not really scandanavia, and is my choice of prime location, it's not really big enough to have jobs as far as i can tell), i applied for a job i can do at ericsson.
to set the scene, this job had been open for about 2 weeks, and not apparently closing for another few days.
well, in record time, they didn't just reject me, oh no, a mere 12 hours and 41 minutes after i applied, i got an email in response to say there's no longer a job opening.


Yakshi said...

My best rejection was from McDonalds. It happened after graduating from undergrad. I applied to be the night janitor. There was no space on the application for education, so under the area labeled "Hobbies" I wrote "B.A. Economics, B.A. English."

They never even bothered to call me back.

Mudwig said...

ha, that's pretty funny

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