Sunday, September 16, 2012

friday round up

the more astute of you will have noticed it's not friday. well, fuck you. my blog, my rules.

the past week has seen future queen kate get her tits out in public and complain when someone took a pic. i like that the comparison in fuss kicked up between that incident and the one over harry galvanting around in private completely naked with pics taken - when no one cared in the slightest.

mid september is already upon us and the days are getting shorter and colder. i need to quit my job before winter is in. i don't want to get up and go outside in the very cold. plus it would necessitate buying a suit coat and shopping is one thing i always try to avoid.

that said, i did buy some protein shakes this past week. that and creatine should help me out gain the last 5kg i require to achieve my weight goal. i was then thinking of learning some martial arts. however, it has come to my attention that the person that wins a fight is not the biggest person, the strongest, nor even the best technical fighter. (i'm talking about real fights here, not competition fighting). the winner is the greater nutcase. the person who literally doesn't care what happens to themselves.

this trait is very noticeable with smaller people and i believe gives rise to the well known phenomenon of 'little man syndrome.'

as for a blog round up, well yorksha pudding seems to be blogging a bit more so go check it out. i like the writings. sadly, i don't think i'll ever find anything as good as yakshi and it seems unfair to give him the weekly award every week.

oh, and with curb starting again soon, here's one of my favourite scenes from it


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