Wednesday, September 19, 2012

it's getting cold

winter is heading this way. summer was fleeting, and while the sun may be shining, it is deceptive in its projection of the warmth of the outdoors.

While hiding from the outdoors, today, I will attempt to see how many press ups then sit ups then press ups then sit ups (etc) I can do till collapse.

If necessary, I will limit situps to as many as I can do 2 minutes since i think i can do more of them.

Here goes:

Pressups - 17
situps - 50
Pressups - 6
situps - 30
Pressups - 4
situps - 20
Pressups - n/a
situps -

clearly, 2 minutes was optimistic for a limit.

and now, lunchtime. with added creatine.


Yakshi said...

Nice job on the workout. I should start doing that.

Mudwig said...

the weirdest thing about my workout is a machine i use afterwards to weigh myself. it also outputs my height which has varied between 180cm and 183cm!

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